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In 1976 I went to the local shelter and saw a 3-5 year old female Irish Setter. Because my spouse liked Irish Setters, I took “Whiskey” home with me that same day, July 4, 1976. Initially Whiskey was lovely. At the shelter, that is. Soon after, I was on our front lawn with Whiskey when my husband and his friend came home. Whiskey lunged at them with intent to do bodily harm. Somehow we struggled  through this without anyone being hurt, but it was frightening and exhausting to see this dog in action.

Inside our home, it became apparent that Whiskey was not housebroken. 

She jumped on us and our visitors, she got in the garbage, she was extremely high energy and if I did something she disapproved of, she bit me. 

She was 60 pounds of power and she pulled me around the block as I struggled to hang on.  When she got away from me she ran as far and as fast as she could.

I really wanted to get rid of this horror but my husband wouldn’t hear of it.  So, I went to the phone book (no internet in 1976). 

 I heard many negative comments from “dog trainers” who said “No, she’s too old”.  “No, she’s an Irish Setter and they are stupid, can’t be trained.  They always run away”.  “No, she bites”.  “No, she’s a shelter dog” and on and on. I did not give up, though, and I found a group of dog lovers who “specialized in rehabilitating problem behaviors in dogs”.

Mentoring and inspiring the group was William R. Koehler, head animal trainer for Walt Disney Studios for more than 25 years

After one session with one of their instructors, Whiskey was a new and different, controllable dog. In September, I attended a 10 week course in a classroom situation and graduated, and shortly after that graduation, I showed Whiskey in American Kennel Club obedience trials, with scores in the 190’s out of a possible 200 perfect score, to earn her Companion Dog degree. She went on in obedience to earn her Utility Dog degree in 3 straight shows, with scores in the 190’s.


Most importantly, I learned to live happily with Whiskey at home. And in the process, I became a student at this noT For profit school, & learned to educate others in the art of retraining the brain of the American canine.


Daycare at D.O.G. makes a happy & self confident dog out of a shy, or rebellious critter.







Need to leave your best friend for a day or more, but hate the thought of putting him in a kennel? Dog Obedience Group offers boarding services unlike any other!

Your dog will be loved & supervised in our home, never locked up in a small space or alone.

I am trusted around town, and my dogs go everywhere with me. And so will your dog! They go to the bank and are always welcome at the hardware store and the cleaners in Pine Bush. Everybody loves when the pups and I come to visit. Your dog will actually have fun when he stays in our home. 

We offer both pick up and drop off services for all local clients. 

There is no check out time and no extra fees for staying the whole last day.

DOGGY Daycare 

$25 per day

$40 for 2 days

$55 for 3 days

$60 for 4 days

$65 for 5 days

Playing well with others is part of learning. 


Puppy Training starts at $120 per session

Adult Training starts at $100 per session

Whatever your pup needs, we provide it.

We cut his nails, check ears for infection, express anal glands as required, and provide you with whole dog care information.

When I was a child, our dog didn’t know about daycare – he was tied up to a tree out behind the house.  He spent his life there, except for the times my Mom got out the old 12 gauge shotgun and took him out hunting rabbits.  “That dog doesn’t belong in the house,” she said. “Dogs work – their place is outside.”  Their exercise was hunting wild animals.  They ate table scraps. They never saw a veterinarian. Now our dogs live inside, they see a veterinarian regularly, eat high cost dog food from the supermarket, or pet store, and wouldn’t know a rabbit from a pork chop on the kitchen counter.

Elizabeth provides training techniques for dogs of all sizes, ages and breeds! She specializes in rehabilitating severe problem behaviors such as biting, running away, pulling on leash, and more.



happy clients


Dog lovers now know their dogs thrive at daycare.

They love the high energy environment, play fighting, discipline, learning, and naps. They grow in maturity and responsibility, and treat their owners with a new respect. Their bodies grow strong with the exercise.




The best way to reach Elizabeth is by email or phone! 

You can also fill out the form below with any inquiries.

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